As the earth’s resources are becoming more and more contested, environmental conflicts over who gets to have access to those resources are also on the rise. Yet, there are not enough places where people can find clear and thoughtful discussions about these conflicts.

As a response, this website’s goal is to collectdigest, and distribute crucial information on environmental and social justice conflicts around the world. It takes an explicitly political stance on today’s crises.

Our mission:

  • To contextualize today’s news within historical, environmental, and political inequities.
  • To be both a resource for and a space for critical discussion on the environmental justice movement and social justice conflicts.
  • To encourage citizen journalism, personal narratives, and local stories.
  • To make academic research accessible for wider audiences; strive to use available academic resources to support struggles for social and environmental justice.
  • To be guided–in our editing, publishing, and outreach–by the principles of anti-oppression, non-hierarchy, and mutual aid.
  • To amplify diverse voices, to publish stories that often remain unheard.
  • Inspired by the ‘slow food’,‘slow academia’, and ‘degrowth’ movements, to try to practice ‘slow media’, where writers and editors don’t burn out, readers aren’t over-burdened by information overload, and the articles we publish are considered, thought-out, and accessible. We hope to offer a reprieve from the tiring news cycle.

Currently our website features:

  • Interviews – An interview of someone whose work,  experiences, or viewpoints ought to be shared with the world.
  • Essays – A short elucidation of a certain issue, relying on personal experience, news analysis, or theory, all while remaining accessible to a wider audience.
  • Stories from the field – Often people are doing work that doesn’t really get heard about–be they academics or activists. This is a way to share findings and experiences in a personal, narrative way.
  • A regularly updated twitter feed – https://twitter.com/UnevenEarth

Our future goals for the website are:

  • Crucial conflicts – An update on current news and the crucial conflicts that you may have missed, contextualizing them within wider issues.
  • Dossiers – running updates on critical environmental justice struggles (instead of isolated news stories).
  • A financial plan where writers can be paid according to need.
  • Multilingual and multimedia content.

For any inquiries, requests, or concerns please contact us at info[at]unevenearth.org. 

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Currently, our editors are:

Claire Lagier

Aaron Vansintjan

Rut Elliot Blomqvist

Anna Biren

Hannah Fair

And thanks to Simon Vansintjan for web design and maintenance